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The Lovers • Romance & Passion Candle

The Lovers • Romance & Passion Candle

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Inspired by the lovers tarot card, this candle promises new beginnings in love, and stimulates passion with your significant other. This candle manifests and reinforces love that extends beyond the limits of mortality.  

Rose scented


All of our candles are made using 100% natural soy wax, and phthalate-free fragrance oils to guarantee a clean and healthy burn for your home.  

All of our candles are unique and handcrafted with love and intention ♥ Thus, candles may appear slightly different than those shown in pictures. 

*Listing is for one candle

Tips for best spellwork:

  1. Each time you light your candle, light it with intention. Visualize what you want it to bring into your life. and imagine it being accomplished. Believe that it will be achieved. 
  2. Light the candle during meditations or mindfulness exercises. If you want this to benefit your love or family relationships, consider practicing these exercises with others.
  3. Enjoy the experience of having a lovely-scented candle burning in your home :) Sit back and relax. 

Candle Safety Instructions: 

Never leave a lit candle unattended. Never burn your candle for more than three hours at a time. Before each burning session, make sure to trim your wicks to about one-fourth of an inch. You can do this with a wick trimmer, or nail clipper. Do not touch the candle container while it is lit. You must stop burning your candle when the wax reaches 1/2 an inch to the bottom of the container. Failure to do any of these things can result in a fire or injury. 


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