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Rose Quartz Crystal Tower • Heart-Chakra Healing

Rose Quartz Crystal Tower • Heart-Chakra Healing

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Rose Quartz is known as the universal crystal of love. It stimulates the heart chakra and is perfect for heart healing and manifestation. 


Rose Quartz benefits include:

💗  Inspires self-love and increases self-worth

💗  Enhanced romantic relationships

💗  Enriches personal connections by fostering trust and empathy

Each crystal ranges from 2.5-4'' according to the appropriate size.

Small: 65-75 grams

Medium: 75-90 grams

Large: 90-110 grams

X-large: 110-130 grams


All of our crystals are cleansed and spiritually charged before packaging ♥

🧚🏽 Please note; These are natural crystals! Thus, patterns may vary from those shown in pictures. 

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