AllAffiliatePro is a Versatile Affiliate Marketing Solution which can provide your e-buiness with endless benefits, two major benefits being A Marketing Network and An Advertising Tracker.
With AllAffiliatePro you can have your banners viewed over the internet and you only pay for results you see. This gives you the exposure required to establish branding and awareness, but without the premium costs of banner advertising. An Affiliate program is a Marketing System whereby you offer other sites the opportunity to become affiliates of your site, and earn commissions for referring customers to your site. You pay affiliates only after the results of the advertising have come in. The greater the number of sites that join your affiliate network the greater the exposure you get, promoting your site all over the internet.
In addition, AllAffiliatePro is an advertising tracker allowing you to instantly calculate ROI (Return on Investment) from all your e-marketing campaigns. You can use it to see which advertising methods are proving profitable, which are scams and which are not converting to sales. Therefore allowing you to get the most out of all your e-marketing campaigns, and save on ineffective advertising.
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